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We have been actively contributing to the field of residential moving service in Singapore for the past many years. If there’s something that has helped us largely in achieving huge success in Singapore house moving service over the years, it’s obviously our deep understanding of our customers’ requirement. We have a brilliant team of packing and moving staffs with years of experience and rigorous training to make every residential moving a successful one we have the following Residential Moving services: -

Professional Piano Movers

Pianos are certainly big-time investments. This is why it's always wise to hire professional piano movers in Singapore to ensure a perfect piano moving in Singapore in all aspects. Pianos are bulky in size and moving them is certainly not an easy thing to do and it obviously, needs a lot of attention and care. In fact, you can't right away rely on any movers company for your piano moving as only a few of them actually has the adequate expertise in this task. Over the years, we have been persistently able to move different types of Pianos with utmost care with our excellent piano moving service in Singapore. We have been able to exceed the expectations of our clients in all aspects so far. Most importantly, we leave to with no reason to worry about anything as you hand over the charge of your Piano moving to us. Every single aspect of piano moving from packing, loading, unloading to assembling is brilliantly handled with the greatest ease by our professionals. Furthermore, our professionals are strictly instructed to give a patient listening to the suggestions and feedback of every client so as to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. We are certainly one of the most reliable Singapore professional piano movers with an exceptional commitment towards the customers.

Household Moving

House moving in Singapore is no longer a matter of worry and in fact, Singapore-house moving service has got a lot better over the years. We, the VS Movers have certainly have had an excellent contribution in this field and we are ranked among the top home movers in Singapore. We have been largely able to provide our customers with every reason to rely on us over the years. For most of the residential moving, what actually seems to get the households worried is the fact that there are several things that are fragile and they fear that these things might get damaged in the course of relocation! However, with VS Movers, you can always rest assured of the safest residential moving as we have a brilliant team of responsible professionals with years of brilliant experience. Most importantly, our professionals would listen to the customers patiently and execute the entire process of moving in the most organized way as one can possibly think of from packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading. Also, with VS Movers, you can rest assured of quickest House moving in Singapore.

Residential Waste Disposal

Residential waste disposal is certainly one of our greatest strengths. In fact, this is the most overlooked aspect of residential moving and not many movers companies offer residential waste disposal services. However, we have a completely different way to see the entire house moving and we don't want to miss a thing about residential moving which is why we even take residential waste disposal much seriously. In fact, we are the first mover company in Singapore to have incorporated this feature into our service. We can assist you in the disposal of unwanted residential waste, be it furniture, home appliances or confidential documents. We have such an expertise in residential waste disposal that we dispose the unwanted waste to an extent that there won't be the slightest trace of it anywhere.

Safebox Moving

We have a leading edge over our competitors when it comes to moving highly valuable materials contained in a Safebox for very few movers companies in Singapore actually offer safebox moving services. In fact, it's our years of experience and innovative approach that makes us one of the best Singapore safebox movers. Most importantly, we have the most reliable and competent drivers especially for safebox moving who have attained years of training in this field and who will despatch your valuable materials to the destination in the safest manner.