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Commercial Moving or office relocation's are pretty common these days which comprise movement of office equipment's, warehouse movement, IT relocation etc. We have been taking care of office relocation from small to big offices for past many years. However, if you don’t find the right Movers, the outcome can be pretty disastrous which can get you standing with your back against the wall and regretting on your decision. However, with VS Movers, things are absolutely professional and most importantly it’s like your things are in the safe hand. There’s absolutely no space for any disruption as our staffs are incredibly trained. Our staff are professionally trained and are always patient with the customers. Our team first understand customer’s instructions and expectations and then only proceed. This makes us the most dependable commercial movers in Singapore. In Commercial movements, we have following services.

  1.  Office Relocation
    The process of relocating an office to a new premise can be disruptive sometimes and this is certainly not as easy as it apparently seems like. What it takes is a proper knowledge of how to handle the various office materials in terms of packing, loading, movement and unloading. Even a small mistake can lead to devastating outcome which is why only professional movers are preferred to handle the work. VS Movers is one of the most reliable Singapore office movers with excellent expertise and experience. You can certainly count on us for the safe and timely relocation of your office.
  2.  Machinery/Equipment Movement 
    When it comes to move some heavy machinery or equipments, VS Movers is probably the most professional movers in Singapore. Before moving any heavy machinery/equipment a field survey report can be necessary as machinery can be odd dimensional and may not be fit to be moved in normal roads or it may block the road due to its unusual size causing disturbance to others commuters. VS Movers handle such movements very critically as machinery/equipment are one of the high cost capital goods and make sure it reaches to destination safe and smoothly.
  3.  Warehouse Movement

 Moving warehouse is quite different from moving offices, are pretty time consuming and it can be very well visualised considering the kind of attention and time that would be required to dismantle and reassemble things. Also, it is a matter of big storage of materials, finished and semi-finished goods, which can be fragile and need special care while movement. We help loading the warehouse materials and also keep record of inventories of each SKUs. Warehouse Movement needs an appropriate planning. With VS Movers, you can be assured of both proper planning as well as its best execution to make your shifting a successful one.

IT Relocation

IT Relocation involves movement of IT related goods such as Desktops, data servers and other IT related equipment. We understand the client urgencies and that a minor delay can result into huge losses to clients. We guarantee the safest transport of your all IT commodities within stipulated time at economical prices. Our prices are much reasonable and you can trust us as your dependable budget movers in Singapore for all your IT relocation needs.